Sports can be costly, but it doesn't have to be.


We love sport and we love spending time with our teammates.  Sports build confidence and physical literacy in children, discipline and perseverance in teenagers, and lead to a healthier adult lifestyle, resilient and courageous.


This whole adventure begins with a child that scores a goal, makes a save, meets a friend; it's all in the memories.  Investing in the right tools to promote development in our young athletes is essential to help them build valuable skills that will help them find success in what matters to them.


Quality programs and quality facilities are at your disposal so you can make your investment count!

Our Services


The Kingston Hockey Development Center will provide outstanding development opportunities to young athletes, work to remove barriers in sports, and foster a sense of community for those in and around sports.

Integrity:  We will provide honest, positive, and insightful coaching, programs, training, and infrastructure access services while striving to achieve balance between sustainability and accessibility, with the growth and well-being of the athletes always coming first.

Inclusivity:  Following the leadership of Sports Canada, as well as their affiliated partners, we will go above and beyond to offer programs, and services to grow sports at the heart of all the members of our community, and remove barriers that may prevent them from enjoying athletic opportunities.

Leadership:  We will provide leadership in our community to affect a positive change in the way we coach, teach, mentor, and do business through creative solutions and sustainable change.

Education:  We will base our observations, actions, instructions, teachings, programs, and services on facts, education and science to maintain a measurable edge and a competitive advantage based on knowledge and metrics.


By choosing KHDC, you are investing in future opportunities for athletes in the Greater Kingston area.  We are just getting started; the best has yet to come.  Train today and help build an even better center for tomorrow.


Phase 1 - Creation of the KHDC, installation of the main facilities, launch of our core programs.

Phase 2 - Development of the facilities, installation of technologies, increase in range of programs, start of community outreach programs.

Phase 3- Sustainability and growth of the structure, development of mentorship and teaching programs, ongoing programs as services and community outreach programs, development of sports science programs.


Hard work pays off!

Get started today and become your best self.