Supporting our youth, from children to young adults, is a priority of ours.  Hereafter are some of our affiliations which we are proud to be a part of.  Click on the logos to find out more about each of the initiatives.

Lift the Mask

Mental health promotion for goaltenders including promotion, support and resources.

It can be an adventure to conciliate wellbeing with the various competing priorities that present themselves in a teenager or yound adult's life.  We are here to help.  Whether it would be to achieve an elite performance, or simply to ensure a balanced, positive lifestyle, we are here for you.

Nutrition is an important aspect of any athlete's life.  At times, it can seem complicated, but it doesn't have to be.  We are here to simplify what an athlete's daily intake should look like, throughout the various periods of the training cycle.


There can be a lot to manage in our daily lives and nutrition really doesn't need to be a complicated part of it.  We have tips and tricks, recipes and meal ideas, as well as different approaches to help you reach your full potential, trim a few pounds, put on a little muscle or just to feel better.


Nutrition coaching and sports nutrition coaching are not meant to offer very restrictive lifestyles.  It can be fun, delicious, and just what you need.


Led by JumpStart, the Keeping Girls in Sports enable activity leaders to adopt best practices to motivate girls to remain in sports.


Recognized Fitness Certifications for Personal Training, Youth Fitness, and Sports Nutrition.


Prepared to support our athletes in tough times.



Cooking for yourself is empowering, practical, and should be "yummy!"
We have prepared some great learning opportunities for teenagers and young adults to learn basic to intermediate cooking skills that will help them improve their culinary skills.
While respecting the fundamentals of nutritional recommendations for athletes, we will build delicious meals from fresh food to vary our cooking skills and taste different cuisines to explore new flavors.

Nutrition and Wellbeing

Nutrition Coaching

Meal Preparation Training (Coming After COVID)

Youth Support


(Coming Soon)

We are preparing to welcome NextGenMen into our athletes community to support young men with positive role modeling beyond sports.