Personal training is done by conceiving programs that are tailored to the individual athletes and providing coaching that motivates the athletes to perform at optimal levels.  


For us, it's not enough to list a workout to be accomplished, it's important to be actively involved in the routines.  We create results by coaching individuals or pairs so they learn, have fun, and perform.

Strength and Conditioning can be confusing with so many different offers, certifications, programs, approaches, and variety.  Here's what we offer to our athletes:

  • Personal Training built following your goals and your abilities;
  • Individual approach to coaching to get the best performance out of you every time;
  • Very high coach-to-athlete ratio to maximize the learning experience;
  • Varied approach including proven training methodologies that will prevent adaptation and boredom;
  • Physical literacy and wellbeing firsts approach building well-rounded athletes with lesser risks of injuries; and
  • Accessible coaching fees that keep us on our toes and keep you wanting more.

Personal Training

Strength & Conditioning

Team Training

Team training is a good way to promote team building and push your athletes to be accountable to one another.  While team training doesn't produce the same great results as personal training, it can be a great introduction to training and an awesome experience for all of its members.


Team training can be delivered at our facility or we can travel.  We believe in pushing our athletes in all settings and providing a fun, rewarding experience.